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Conventional Mosquito always leaves smelly and stickiness on the surface on your furniture and floor after you sprayed in the house. But sometime we can’t stand the irritated mosquito fly around you and your family and looking for the opportunity to bite them. Mosquito as a vector, they may possible to transmit some un-wanted virus to you and your family like Dengue, Malaria, Filariasis and the recently disease cause by Zeka virus.

MozOne can help you to protect your family from mosquito attack and won’t kill your mood to enjoy life. This is why we invite you to unveil the whole new feeling of mosquito control.

Bedrooms, living room and kitchen are the places where we always put mosquito aerosol after we bought them from market. But do you really think mosquito only appear in these three places. That’s why MozOne come up with a petite shape, much smaller than the conventional mosquito. We would like you enjoy the environment without mosquito disturb at other places as well. MozOne cold be at your office, at your car, in your handbag, dining with you at outdoor, go fishing with you and even have a family time at outdoor.

The active ingredient of MozOne is Metofluthrin which from Synthetic Pyrethroid. This group of insecticide toxic to insect, it disorder insect nerve system and kill them but for mammal is very low toxic. Synthetic Pyrethroid will be biodegradable and it’s residual is very short. Metofluthrin highly evaporate character make MozOne can achieve 4 corners spray up to 8 hours protection.

Conventional mosquito aerosol after you sprayed into the room, the chemical particle will be flow down to the ground in 2 hours times. Once contact with mosquito, it will kill them but after the chemical particle landed on the ground, it can’t do anything on mosquito. MozOne do the same thing as conventional mosquito aerosol do at the front part, but MozOne chemical particle will evaporate again after it landed on the ground. MozOne chemical particle flow in the air and wait for the next chances to attack mosquito in the room.

The new concept of 4 corner spray up to 8 hours protection is first in Asia or may be first in the world. To avoid over dose and spray too much unwanted solvent from mosquito aerosol, MozOne designed with metering control valve. We calculated for a room size 100 to 150 sq feet just needed spray 4 times. With the high evaporate active ingredient make the effect can last for 8 hours. Because of the metering control valve device, 50 gram MozOne can be spray up to 800 times.

We have done a comparison between MozOne and conventional mosquito aerosol.

Toxicological information

This is the most concern part for everyone. Actually every how toxic of a insecticide you may check from its MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) which prepare from the manufacturer. This document discloses everything related with the product. There is a part of MozOne MSDS regarding Toxicological as below.

According World Health Organization standard to define how toxic of a insecticide we may use Lethal Dose 50 (LD50) through acute oral toxicity, acute dermal toxicity and acute inhalation toxicity. Scientist uses animal (rat or rabbit) which it’s DNI and body organ is similar or close to human for toxicology tolerance. From there calculate how many body weight can consume how many gram insecticide.

After you check the MSDS you will find out MozOne actually safer than the salt you use to cook at home.

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