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XMoz Global Enterprise
established on September 2015 for distributes MozOne in Malaysia market. MozOne is an international product under which we started market in Singapore in the year 2013, follow by Vietnam and Cambodia. In Malaysia we successful register Pesticide Board which under Ministry Of Agriculture (Registration number is LRMP R1/9509) on September 2015.

We believe attack by mosquito not only happened in the house, but in fact most of the people bought mosquito aerosol just only put at the living hall, kitchen and bedroom. How about at outdoor? Especially for those children and elder people who are the high risk group to commit Dengue cases. They don’t able alert like what you do when mosquito are around.

Traditional type mosquito aerosol always leaves an impression that bulky to bring around, smelly and left an oily and stickiness surface after sprayed. To make people can widely and frequently use mosquito aerosol to protect themselves, we create a mosquito aerosol called MozOne.

MozOne, it’s small in size on its packing.  You just easily put in on your handbag, back bag or inside your car (avoid put under direct sun light). You may use it whenever you feel like to protect yourself or family. MozOne almost odorless and won’t leave any oily and stickiness on the surface, so you won’t worry about it will give you a mess.

One the safety part it also the most concern question of everybody is the active ingredient of MozOne. MozOne is using Metofluthrin belong to Synthetic Pyrethroid group. Metofluthrin is use for attack insect nerve system, very toxic to all any insect but very low toxic to mammal. According to the World Health Organization standard, under the Lethal Dose 50 (LD50) Acute Oral Toxicity with rat is 263gm/KG. This means that the rats for the test have to consume Metofluthrin more that 25% of their body weight only have 50% chances to harm their life.

On environmental part, MozOne (83ml) usage is equal to 5 can 600ml pack conventional mosquito aerosol. We have done a test for a room 150square feet size.  MozOne just need 4 pushes (we are using metering control valve) out of its total spray 830 pushes. One can MozOne can spray up to 207 rooms. Conventional 600ml mosquito aerosol need to spray 3 seconds in a room. It will be finished after sprayed 42 rooms. MozOne is minimize the waste of empty can.
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